Physics Department Semiconductor Optoelectronic Technology Micro Course2019-01-16T23:27:02+08:00

Department of Physics, Micro-School Program

Course name Semiconductor Optoelectronics Technology
Mission & Teaching Objectives In response to the rapid development of semiconductor materials-based optoelectronic technologies such as solar cells and light-emitting diodes in recent years, as well as the manpower needs in the semiconductor and optoelectronics employment market, and in line with the government’s future green energy technology industry, we hope to use this Micro-learning to develop the basic knowledge and abilities of students’ semiconductor optoelectronic technology.
Course planning list Start grade Course Name semester credit notice
1 Introduction to optoelectronics Last semester 3
2 Optoelectronic component next semester 3
3 Introduction to semiconductor objects Last semester 3 Choose one
Semiconductor physics and components next semester
4 Quantum physics Last semester 4
Total credit: Should be repaired 9 or more