One of the four departments started at the founding of Chung Yuan Christian University

The total number of undergraduates is about 3,900,

and the master students is about 610, and the doctoral students is about 20.

  • The Chung Yuan Christian University Physics Department was established in 1955 and is one of the first four departments, with a history of more than sixty years. In 1974, to expand research and cultivate high-tech talents, the M.A Program of Applied Physics was established. The teachers were composed of those from the departments of Physics and various departments within the College of Engineering.
  • As research fields are becoming more and more subdivided, the relevant departments of the College of Technology have established graduate institutes. The M.A Program of Applied Physics has been under the responsibility of the Faculty of the Department of Physics since the 1984 academic year, focusing on the study of condensed matter, applied optics, and theoretical physics. To promote a long-term research program, build up research depth, and boost research level, the Ph.D. Program of the Institute of Applied Physics was established in the 1992 academic year.
  • In response to global trends and technological tendencies, and to closely connect teaching and research, the Department primarily focuses on theoretical physics, materials science and optoelectronics in terms of teacher expertise, curriculum planning, and research development. The Department (University) established the Physical Group and the Optoelectronics & Materials Science Group in the 2006 academic year and began enrolling students. At the same time, to cope with the policy of the Ministry of Education, in the 2007 academic year, the Institute of Applied Physics and the Department of Physics merged into the Department of Physics.
  • The Department is cooperating with the school to engage in internationalization. The current ongoing programs include plans for exchange students at Niigata University, Zhongshan University in Guangzhou, and other universities in mainland China. Since the 2014 academic year, about 60 junior students in the Department of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering at Jimei University in Xiamen will study in the Department for one year (this exchange program is expected to run for 10 years), which will greatly enhance the academic vision for these students. The department is committed to cultivating cutting-edge talents with profound knowledge of physics and advanced R&D technology. The total number of undergraduates is about 3,900, the master students is about 610, and the doctoral students is about 20. In the 2013 academic year, the total number of undergraduates was 414, the total number of master students was 28, and the total number of doctoral students was 10 (up to 2014.5.31).