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A Short Story about Zhizhong

A Short Story about Zhizhong

Our Senior Schoolmate – Wang Zhizhong (1921-1988)
This learning center was set up with this name to commemorate the school’s Physics alumni and teacher, Wang Zhizhong.

Wang Zhizhong graduated from the Department of Physics  in 1960 and served his alma mater earnestly for 26 years. He devoted himself into education and cultivated many students, which earned him great respect from his students. He was modest, self-cultivating, dutiful, and got along well with his colleagues. He  passed away on June 15th, 1988.

After Mr. Wang’s death, part of his  inheritance was donated to his alma mater’s Samaritan Love Fund and the Wang Zhizhong Memorial Scholarship in the Department of Physics was established with the remainder.

According to CYCU Donation Incentives, naming this room the Zhizhong Physics Learning Center after him was done to commemorate his good deeds and to inspire younger generations to  persevere in study and carry forward the spirit of ‘tranquil and focused mind with balance and moderation.