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Department Highlights

  • 16 funded National Science and Technology Council Research Proposals last year, 530,000 USD grant in total.
  • 20 faculty members published over 200 SCI papers in past 5 years.
  • Complete undergraduate and graduate courses in 4 expertise: Optoelectronics, Quantum Technology, Material Science, and Theoretical Physics.
  • Certificated programs on semiconductor industry internship and quantum information science.

Department Vision

The United Nations launched the “2030 Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), which propose 17 core objectives for global governments and businesses to strive for sustainable development. Many of these core goals are closely related to physics. SDG Goal 7 is to “ensure that everyone can access affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy”. By 2030, strengthen international cooperation to enhance research and technology in clean energy, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, more advanced and cleaner fossil fuel technology, and promote investment in energy infrastructure and clean energy technology. The department promotes energy conservation and carbon reduction for the earth and reduces environmental pollution through many related solar energy application courses, such as Light-emitting Diodes and Solar Cells, Introduction to Emerging Materials, Modern Physics Experiments, Handmade Optics… etc., and is committed to enabling students to develop sustainable energy in the future through the abilities learned in the department, achieve carbon reduction, and contribute to the earth together.

Research Highlights

  1. Cai, K.-B.; Huang, H.-Y.; Hsieh, M.-L.; Chen, P.-W.; Chiang, S.-E.; Chang, S. H.; Shen, J.-L.; Liu, W.- R.; Yuan, C.-T., Two-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Boric AcidFunctionalized Graphene Quantum Dots: Tunable and Superior Optical Properties for Efficient EcoFriendly Luminescent Solar Concentrators. ACS Nano 2022, 16, 3994-4003. (2020 IF=14.588)
  2. Talite, M. J.; Huang, H.-Y.; Chen, Z.-F.; Li, W.-L.; Cai, K.-B.; Sevilla, R. C.; Soebroto, R. J.; Lin, S.-H.; Chou, W.-C.; Yuan, C.- T., Perylene Tetracarboxylic Acid Crosslinked to Silica Matrix That Enables Ultrahigh Solid-State Quantum Yield and Efficient Photon Recycling for Holographic Luminescent Solar Concentrators. Solar RRL 2022, 6, 2100955.
  3. A. Chandel, J.-R. Wu, D. Thakur, S. Kassou, S.-E. Chiang, K.-J. Cheng, C.-Y. Li, Y.-S. Yen, S.-H. Chen, Sheng Hsiung Chang*, “Improvement of interfacial contact for efficient PCBM/MAPbI3 planar heterojunction solar cells with a binary antisolvent mixture treatment” 2021, Nanotechnology, vol. 32, pp. 485401 (2020 IF: 3.874)
  4. Sheng Hsiung Chang*, K.-R. Cheng, A. Chandel, J.-R. Wu, J.-L. Shen, S.-H. Chen, “Stable and efficient graded MA0.83Cs0.17Pb(I0.83Br0.17)3 alloy thin film based inverted-type perovskite solar cells” 2021, Energy Technology, vol. 9, p. 2100607. (2020 IF: 3.631)
  5. D. Thakur, S.-E. Chiang, M.-H. Yang, J.-S. Wang*, Sheng Hsiung Chang*, “Self-stability of unencapsulated polycrystalline MAPbI3 solar cells via the formation of chemical bonds between C60 molecules and MA cations” 2022, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. 235, p. 111454. (2020 IF: 7.267)
  6. A. Chandel, Q. B. Ke, D. Thakur, S.-E. Chiang, J.-R. Wu, K.-B. Cai, C.-T. Yuan, Sheng Hsiung Chang*, “Regioregularity effects of p-type P3CT-Na polymers on inverted perovskite photovoltaic cells” 2022, Organic Electronics, vol. 102, p. 106449. (2020 IF: 3.721)
  7. Q. B. Ke, J.-R. Wu, C.-C. Lin, Sheng Hsiung Chang*, “Understanding the PEDOT:PSS, PTAA and P3CT-X hole-transport-layer-based inverted perovskite solar cells” 2022, Polymers, vol. 14, p. 823. (2020 IF: 4.329)
  8. Q. B. Ke, J.-R. Wu, S.-E. Chiang, C.-C. Cheng, Y.-W. Su, I.-J. Hsu*, J.-M. Yeh, Sheng Hsiung Chang*, “Improved performance of PCBM/MAPbI3 heterojunction photovoltaic cells with the treatment of a saturated BCP/IPA solution” 2022, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (Accepted).(2020 IF: 7.267)
  9. Yu-Kai Lin, Chi-Chu Cheng and IJen Hsu*, “High-sensitivity profilometry for measurement of multilayer structure with lowcoherence composite interferometer,” Advanced Materials Technologies, Vol. 6, No. 4, 2000823-1-9, 2021.
  10. Yu-Ting Chen, Svette Reina Merden S Santiago, Sonia Sharma, Chii-Bin Wu, Chih-Lung Chou, Sheng Hsiung Chang, Kuan-Cheng Chiu, JiLin Shen, Resistive Switching Accompanied by Negative Differential Resistance in Cysteine-Functionalized WS2 Quantum Dots toward Nonvolatile.